Fees and Billing

Program Fees

The charge for individual programs is a program fee due after the consultation. This retains my services and allows me to schedule time in my schedule that is held specifically for you.   I take a limited number of clients at any one time specifically in order to be able to provide the flexibility my clients demand; these policies are in place to give me the ability to serve you best.

Except where other agreed-upon arrangements have been made in advance, payment for individual, couple, family or group services is expected, either by check or cash, at the time services are rendered, as a condition of providing services. We do not accept credit card payments.

Charges for consulting and on-site training is on an hourly fee basis, plus expenses. Fees and alternative billing arrangements may be established as negotiated, on a per-project basis, depending upon the scope of the project, the nature of the organization, and the services to be provided. Reduced fees are available for not-for-profit organizations.

Cancellation Charges

I am well aware of the dynamic nature of your busy schedule. While most organizations providing similar services require at least a 24 hour cancelation to avoid forfeiting a session, I am more flexible.  You may reschedule up to 3 sessions at any time without penalty, provided that those sessions are rescheduled and fulfilled within a 7 day period. My goal is to help relieve your stress, not add to it!

If you’ve used your short-notice rescheduling on 3 sessions, after that a 24 hour notice is required for rescheduling to avoid forfeiture of that session.


Statements are provided upon request, normally no more frequently than monthly.
If you wish to utilize insurance coverage, please discuss arrangements with us in advance.