Confidentiality and Ethics

Communications between clients and their therapists are privileged against disclosure under applicable law, and I take that obligation seriously.

Our professional relationship will not be disclosed without your written consent.  I am grateful to the people who have allowed their names to be used in association with my practice in the form of testimonials, audio interviews and online reviews; however, doing so is never a requirement for working with me. I fully understand that some of my clients cannot go through traditional channels for help because to do so would jeopardize their employment relationship, and I take that very seriously.  You can rest assured your confidentiality is safe with me.

There are certain limitations to confidentiality, including the following:

  • Disclosures having to do with protecting human life.  I am an mandatory reporter if it appears that a client is in imminent danger of causing lethal harm to himself or herself or to another person, I are obligated by law to report it to the appropriate authorities. Similarly, I am legally obligated to report possible cases of child abuse, child neglect, elder abuse, and elder neglect.

As a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT), I abide by their Code of Ethics.