Anxiety & Stress Relief for Lawyers

You already know the costs of stress and anxiety.

Whether you’re a lawyer, family member of a lawyer, or other busy professional or executive, you understand the value to yourself, your organization, your family and your career of maintaining a high-performing mindset.

Stress and anxiety kill a high-performing mindset.

A mind under stress is intentionally compromised (by nature’s design).  Those memory problems, inability to focus, to think, to make decisions.  The anger, the racing mind, the poor sleep — these are all part of a very adaptive response to a threat. When the threat lasts for minutes.

The problem is that in today’s world the threat doesn’t go away in minutes, and when exposed to prolonged stress most people’s intuitive coping behaviors actually make things worse.

The key to escaping these negative effects and the self-reinforcing negative cycle you may have unintentionally been caught in, is learning how your subconscious mind works, what it’s responding to (some of it you know, some of it will surprise you) and how you can change it both now and for your future and learning what to do about it.

This work is different.

You’ve probably taken a CLE course or two about the problem with stress and why it’s important to recognize stress but how much has that kind of course helped?

This is also not like traditional counseling or therapy.  This work is much quicker and more fun to participate in, and provides lasting results.

The aim of Cindy’s work with professionals is not to simply teach what stress is but to provide real techniques to dial the stress meter in the subconscious mind back down, and teach you how to do that for yourself, both on an immediate and ongoing basis.

Many coping strategies actually make things worse.

Many coping strategies actually make things worse.

As Cindy has told clients for the last decade, “everything works so much better when you work WITH your neurology and your biology, rather than against it.”  

Most of the people who come to see Cindy have, through lack of good information and instruction and/or through the examples set by society, inadvertently been working against their own neurology and biology.  You will be delighted by the positive changes you can experience by learning from Cindy.

You may have learned some stress strategies like counting to ten or taking some deep breaths.  This work goes far beyond the usual advice and techniques (although the breath is important — and you may even be doing those deep breaths wrong and making your stress response worse). This work is based in subconscious behavioral science, neurology and biology, combined to create a uniquely beneficial, logical, easy to follow approach that really works.

Can it be different for you?

Why is it that some people can handle more stress than others? Maybe you know someone, or have heard stories of people who are the “energizer bunnies” of their field, going continuously at a high degree of performance, over long periods.  What are their secrets? While everyone is different, you can learn to “clear the cache” from your brain to keep your conscious mind from experiencing the effects of overwhelm; learn to quickly access high performance states and discover that you can choose your emotional state.  You can learn to sleep well again, and regain the energy and enthusiasm that brought you to your profession to begin with.

Do something different, to make things different.  Get with “The Program.”

In the Neurolinguistic Programming world there is a saying, “if nothing changes, nothing changes.”  Einstein is often quoted as saying that doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results is insanity.

What steps should you take now?  Explore this site.  Watch Cindy’s videos; read some of the articles; enjoy the cartoons.  :-)  If Cindy’s approach makes sense to you, call for a free consultation. Cindy works with busy professionals like you; scheduling is flexible and designed to meet your needs.

Free consultation — call (952) 356-0010 Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM

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